Friday, January 03, 2003

EnviroMission: Austrailian for Power!

So some folks in Oz want to build a really big tower, to point mirrors at, to heat air, to drive turbines, in an effort to generate electricity. It'll cost $1 Billion, and have a 200MW generation capacity. That's $5 Million per Megawatt. Compare this to a coal fired plant at $1 million, a clean burning (gassification) style coal plant for $1.5 Million / MW, or a nuclear plant for $1.2 million / MW.

Tough Times thinks that someone is blowing smoke (or hot air) up someone's, errr, tower.

Tough Times alternate article title: Aussie Tower of Power!

Being Joshed

Joshua Micah Marshall, in his latest column, attempts to deflate the current administrations plans for North Korea by saying, in essence, there is no spoon:
In their view, the Clinton administration went to the mat with the North Koreans in 1994. Instead of facing them down, they appeased them. They agreed to send them fuel oil, food, and perhaps even greetings cards on special occasions. They also agreed to build some non-weapons-grade-material producing nuclear reactors. And this was all in exchange for them agreeing not to do what they shouldn't have been doing in the first place -- that is, producing large quantities of plutonium to make nuclear weapons. But the Clintonites got hoodwinked by the North Koreans who took the goodies and proceeded to start a secret -- uranium-based -- nuclear weapons. The Bush administration found all this out, exposed the folly of Clinton's appeasement, and now has to pick up the pieces.

That's their story. And as the saying goes, they're stickin' with it.

This argument mixes so many distortions, falsehoods and tendentious points that it's not easy to know where to start. But let's begin with one thread.

The problem here is that the thread he goes off on has nothing to do with all of the "distortions, falsehoods, and tendentious points." Instead, we talk about Germany in 1938. Granted, he says he’ll come back to show the errors in the Clinton/’94 treaty argument, but alas, he never does. In his continuation, he goes on to criticise the Germany/1938/Poland analogy (where the USA is England/France and N. Korea is the Nazi horde on the Polski border), and the above referenced criticisms of Clinton policy. In so doing, he uncorks this whopper:
You only get credit for pointing out what everyone already knew -- that the 1994 agreement was an imperfect one and perhaps only a stopgap -- if you've got something better. If you don't, you just look like a fool.

He then proceed to lambaste the Bush White House "plan":
The administration says it has a plan: isolate the North Koreans economically and diplomatically. But how serious a plan is that?

Perhaps he needs to take some of his own persciption - Marshall offers absolutely no alternative to the Bush plan whatsoever. It has been almost 36 hours since the post was made, and there is still no clear alternativve plan. He doesn't even remember to show how the Clinton/’94 argument is mixed with "distortions, falsehoods, and tendentious points."

Tough Times thinks that physician Josh needs to heal himself!

Thursday, January 02, 2003

Back to the Grindstone

Sorry for the lack of posting. I'm an (very) amateur cyclist, and I was resolved to get started on my yearly mileage base early this year. So I've spent most of my time either working, cycling, eating, or sleeping. Blogging has suffered, but no that I have most of my base mileage again, I'll be cranking back up. More posts soon. Very soon.